Illustration for article titled Luke Kuechly Undergoes Quick Brain Arthroscopy To Clean Up Cerebral Cortex

CHARLOTTE, NC—After suffering a concussion that sidelined him against the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend, the Carolina Panthers announced Thursday that All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly has undergone a quick brain arthroscopy in order to clean up his cerebral cortex. “Earlier today, we successfully scoped Luke’s brain and removed some buildup of tissue that had been accumulating in there,” said team doctor Donald Randolph, explaining that several small incisions were made in Kuechly’s forehead to allow surgeons to go into his cerebrum and remove loose tissue and bone fragments, as well as shave away the worn areas of his frontal and temporal lobes. “There was actually quite a bit of fluid inside Luke’s skull that had to be drained, and hopefully that will alleviate some discomfort. And as long as he continually ices it for the next 24 to 48 hours, the swelling in his head should be gone by Sunday.” Randolph stressed, however, that the surgery was a temporary solution aimed at pain management and recommended that Kuechly undergo a more invasive procedure in the offseason to replace his torn brain stem.


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