‘Madden’ Glitch Lets Player Win Super Bowl With Texans

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REDWOOD CITY, CA—Following outcry over an issue that was negatively affecting gameplay, developers of Madden NFL 23 told reporters Thursday that they were working to fix a glitch in the game that lets players win the Super Bowl with the Houston Texans. “We strive to make Madden as authentic as we can, so we’re naturally disappointed that we let something as obviously unrealistic as the Texans’ 2022-23 roster winning a championship slip through our playtesting process,” said EA Sports spokesperson Maya Woodruff, adding that the glitch first came to their attention when a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the Texans beating the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl with the caption “WTF is the wrong with this damn game??” “After looking into the problem, we saw that it affected many of our users, whose enjoyment of Madden was rudely interrupted when the game allowed something that, to put it mildly, would never happen in the real world. Unfortunately, addressing this glitch is taking longer than we’d like, as it is also present in the franchise mode, where it is still an issue because the Texans have no realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl at any time over the next several decades. With a roster led by guys like Davis Mills, Dameon Pierce, and Christian Kirksey, it may be difficult to understand how an algorithm could glitch so badly as to let that team win a Super Bowl, but mistakes happen. At best, the Texans could conceivably win two or three games. We at Madden regret the error.” Madden developers also apologized for a separate glitch in the game that caused Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith to be able to complete passes.