Maine Residents Placed Under Boil Lobster Advisory

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AUGUSTA, ME—In an effort to protect residents from the negative effects of consuming raw or undercooked shellfish, officials in Maine issued a boil lobster advisory for the entire state Thursday. “To reduce the risk of foodborne illness and ensure Mainers are eating crustaceans prepared in the juiciest, most succulent manner possible, we recommend that everyone place their live lobster in a pot of boiling water, cooking it covered for eight to 20 minutes, or until it becomes bright red in color,” said Jeanne M. Lambrew, commissioner of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, adding that citizens should stockpile plenty of butter and garlic to ensure they have adequate supplies for dipping. “We also advise conserving as many leftovers as possible, especially during the winter, when we sometimes have to wait a while before the next really good catch comes in. Rest assured that multiple bib distribution sites have been set up throughout the state in case things get messy.” Lambrew went on to state that while boiled lobster meat is currently safe for use in rolls, as well as mac and cheese, officials advise against putting it in a salad until the proper local produce is in season.