Major Relief: Blizzard Has Announced That ‘Overwatch’ Players Will Be Able To Carry Over Their Unlocked Skins And Emotes Into The Afterlife

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Fret no more, Overwatch fans. A huge weight has just been lifted off all our shoulders: Blizzard finally announced that players of the popular team-based shooter will be able to carry over all of their unlocked skins and emotes into the afterlife.

Phew, talk about a major relief.

As long as gamers have been unlocking various outfits for their favorite Overwatch heroes, it’s been an anxiety-inducing question whether these collectible cosmetics would remain in the earthly realm or carry over into the spirit world upon the death of their owners. Luckily, Blizzard just cleared things up in a big way by stating that regardless of your ranking or hero class, anyone with an active Overwatch account will be able to take all costumes and gestures with them as they make their passage across the underworld and into the next life.


“Whether it’s a rare event skin like Reaper’s masquerade outfit or one of the common skins that only cost 75 credits, Blizzard will guarantee that all of your in-game unlocks transfer over into the great beyond,” said Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, adding that not just skins and emotes but also player icons, sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and highlight intros can be brought as well, seeing as the company’s servers are still fully functional in the hereafter. “We know how many of you shelled out for Ana’s Snow Owl form or the Barbarian Zarya get-up, and we want to make sure that your money doesn’t go down the drain the second you shed your corporeal form and trek into the great beyond.”

“Trust me, we understand how frustrating it would be to spend hours grinding for the Oni Genji suit and then not be able to show it off once you’re amongst the souls of the dead,” he added.


For everyone that’s confused about how to go about carrying your favorite Junkrat emotes or Tracer voice lines with you when you transcend your physical form, Blizzard has released a helpful step-by-step instructional guide. Basically, whenever gamers think they’re nearing death, they should wrap their Overwatch discs in a white shroud, bury it underground, and then set fire to their console or laptop as an offering along with some provender and frankincense. After that, you should be set! Whenever you take your last breath, all your sweet content will already be waiting for you in the afterlife.

So don’t fear the grim specter of death, gamers! Turns out there’s a lot to be excited when you finally pass beyond this earthly veil!