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Majority Of Time At Party Spent Trying To Figure Out Ride Home

MINNEAPOLIS—Beginning his inquiries within an hour of arriving, sources confirmed that local man Luke Anderson spent the majority of his time at a friend’s party Friday trying to figure out a ride home. “Hey, you live north of here, right? Any idea how you might be getting home later?” Anderson was overheard asking a fellow guest, one of half a dozen people the 29-year-old approached with such queries in addition to several friends he texted to see if they might happen to be nearby in a few hours. “Or if you’re headed to the bars uptown after this, maybe I could hitch a ride as far as the bus stop? Just let me know when you’re leaving. I think the bus runs till 11:30.” At press time, Anderson had reportedly lost hope of an exit strategy when the host announced to all his potential drivers that a pizza was just coming out of the oven.

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