Make-A-Reasonable-Request Foundation Provides Sick Child With Decent Seats To Minnesota Timberwolves Game

MINNEAPOLIS—A dream nearly came true for leukemia patient Cody Patterson last week when the Make-A-Reasonable-Request Foundation provided the 10-year-old with free tickets to a Timberwolves game. “Satisfying the modest hopes of children like Cody is so rewarding,” said president Tom Jameson, whose organization aims to fulfill the most practical wishes of children suffering from terminal illnesses. “He originally wanted to sit on the bench and meet the players, but we were able to talk him down to a pair of sensibly priced tickets to a Monday home game. These two nonadjacent seats will really make his eyes light up.” In addition to providing a decent, largely unobstructed view of the game, the foundation agreed to go halfsies with Patterson on some nachos and a large drink.


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