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BALTIMORE—As he squinted and craned his neck in an effort to peer through the establishment’s front windows from the sidewalk across the street, local man Shane Peterson confided to reporters Friday that he was attempting to ascertain whether the cafe and bakery was actually closed without having to get too close. “I think I can see a waitresses walking around, but they could just be cleaning before they lock up for the day—it’s hard to tell,” said the man who was actively avoiding getting any closer than 40 feet from the eatery’s entrance, while noting that though all of the lights remained on, he wasn’t sure if they just left them on all the time, and adding that the last thing he wanted was to walk all the way to the front door just to pull on the handle and find it locked. “Right now, it’s about 2:45, but I don’t know if they normally stay open to 2 or 3 or what. I guess they could have closed early. There’s a sign on the door with the hours, but I can’t see it from here. Maybe I’ll just wait to see if someone goes in.” At press time, a restaurant employee had apparently noticed Peterson, causing him to hastily avert his gaze and walk around the corner.


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