Illustration for article titled Man Confidently Hits ‘Send’ On Worst Job Application Company Has Ever Seen

SAN FRANCISCO—After a quick yet confident once-over that unfortunately caught none of the rampant spelling errors, clunky prose, and overly casual language throughout his cover letter and résumé, job hopeful Mark Lopez hit “send” on the worst application California-based marketing firm Precision Intermedia has ever seen, sources confirmed Monday. “Okay, this looks ready to go,” Lopez said, seconds before sending an email that will inevitably be forwarded to an estimated 200 Precision Intermedia employees, all of whom will laugh heartily at his address to the wrong company, his claim of being “detail-orinted,” and the line “[INSERT EXTRACURRICULARS]” that he forgot to delete from the résumé template he used. “And…sent.” At press time, Precision Intermedia office manager Theresa Clark had announced to her colleagues that “this one’s going up on the bulletin board.”


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