Illustration for article titled Man Driving While Making YouTube Video To Explain How PC Culture Destroying America

CORYDON, KY—Glancing back and forth between the road ahead of him and the camera that was apparently mounted on his dashboard, local man Ron Saganash was reportedly driving around in his car Wednesday while he made a YouTube video denouncing the “toxic politically correct culture” that he said is destroying America. “Hey guys, Ron S., a.k.a. Nash-1776, here checking in again, and I just want to take a moment today and break down why this country is falling apart,” said Saganash, who then sharply criticized the media for being too scared to “call things what they are” while turning his head several times to check his blind spot, before explaining as a tractor-trailer visibly passed by behind him that elected officials who refuse to use the word “jihad” are putting Americans’ lives at risk. “Look, it’s not health care or income inequality or so-called climate change we need to worry about—it’s this PC bullshit. Maybe we should stop worrying about whether we’re hurting Muslims’ feelings and instead keep an eye on them to find out which ones want to attack our country.” Saganash’s later series of arguments supporting his claim that “gays and feminazis” are trying to rewrite the Constitution was reportedly rendered largely inaudible by the continuous sound of his left blinker.


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