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FORT WAYNE, IN—Promising to steer them away from the usual tourist traps and show them the sights of his hometown through the eyes of a native, local man Martin Greenbaum pledged Monday to treat his visiting friends to the real Fort Wayne experience, sources said. “They’re going to want to head straight to the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, of course, but you really can’t get the pulse of this city unless you hit up the Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center,” Greenbaum said, adding that while there was nothing wrong with grabbing food at Pint & Slice, you had to go to the Oyster Bar to “really taste Fort Wayne.” “And once I show them the Karpeles Manuscript Library and the Firefighters’ Museum, they’re gonna forget how eager they were to see the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It’s not their fault, though. You just don’t know certain things about a city unless you live there.” Greenbaum told reporters that while Fort Wayne had more than enough to offer, he’d also help his friends make the most of their time if they decided to take a side trip to Muncie.

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