Man Filled With Gratitude At Sight Of Other Customer In Nice Restaurant Wearing Jeans

HOBOKEN, NJ—Assuaging the initial panic he felt after noticing the formal attire of other patrons around him, 29-year-old Keith Vaughn was said to be overcome with gratitude Thursday when he finally spotted another customer wearing jeans at local bistro L’Etoile. “Oh, thank God,” Vaughn reportedly said to himself, his blood pressure beginning to subside following several nerve-racking moments during which he spotted only tan, gray, or black dress pants held up by expensive-looking leather belts. “Holy shit, he’s wearing sneakers too. They’re a little nicer than mine, but they’re still sneakers, so I’m all set.” At press time, Vaughn’s sense of dread had been renewed as he realized the other man had a blazer draped over the back of his chair.


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