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CHICAGO—Struggling to piece together an itinerary for the upcoming weekend, 27-year-old Greg Randolph confirmed to reporters Tuesday that he has no idea what to do with his visiting friend between meals. “After going out for breakfast, I guess maybe we could check out that bakery that just opened by my place. That’d put us really close to a cool little coffee shop that we could hit up on the way to lunch,” said Randolph, who thus far had only come up with the ideas of having ice cream, grabbing a drink, and swinging by a local farmers market as potential activities to fill in the gaps while his friend is in town. “Then Saturday afternoon is just wide open. We could head to a brewpub I guess, or just pick up a smoothie or something and find a place to sit outside. Or maybe we could take a walk through the university campus—there’s always food trucks there.” At press time, Randolph suggested that on Sunday they check out the Art Institute of Chicago’s café.


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