Man Knows Fast Food Order Will Come To Him In The Moment

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SEARCY, AR—Saying he relied on a spontaneous, intuitive process he could not fully explain, a local man standing in line at Wendy’s Monday told reporters he knew his lunch order would come to him in the moment. “I never know exactly what I’ll say when I get up there, but I find it’s best to just go with the flow and try not to force it,” said Doug Pendleton, explaining how he had learned over the years that it was best to trust his gut instincts when he approached the counter to order fast food. “I usually go in with a very rough, basic idea, in terms of whether I’m likely to ask for a burger or a chicken sandwich. But honestly, I don’t know all the specifics about which meal deal or which sides I’m gonna get until I open my mouth to talk to the cashier. I suppose there may be a lot happening on a subconscious level—like even if you’re thinking about other stuff, your brain’s still working out what toppings you want and what size soda. All I know for sure is that I do my best ordering when I have that pressure of being put on the spot.” At press time, sources confirmed Pendleton had arrived at the counter and completely choked after the cashier informed him the Frosty machine was out of service.