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WAUKESHA, WI—Elated upon discovering the fast-food restaurant chain would now serve breakfast past 10:30 a.m., area man Dave Grenwald told reporters Tuesday that he was overjoyed he would no longer have to buy an entire day’s worth of Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s in the morning. “I used to have to get up early just so I could order eight or nine McMuffins all at once—I’d eat a couple right there, but then I’d have to lug around a half dozen others and microwave them throughout the afternoon,” said Grenwald, adding that his newfound ability to revisit McDonald’s for McMuffins over the course of an entire day would help ensure the sandwiches were consistently fresh and not soggy from sitting in his car for hours on end. “I sometimes thought it might be better if I just ate every one of my Egg McMuffins as soon as I got them because there was no way to space out my purchases, but now I don’t have to. I can buy, say, four or five, then stock up again with another batch or two when I’m ready for more. Man, this is really going to streamline things.” At press time, Grenwald acknowledged he would still have to purchase four or five McMuffins ahead of time to reheat and consume overnight.


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