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Man Pours All His Culinary Talents Into Inserting, Removing Pizza From Oven

OLYMPIA, WA—In a masterful demonstration of his renowned cooking technique, local man Clint Robins poured all his culinary talents into inserting and removing a pizza from his oven Tuesday, sources confirmed. “It’s nice to give any meal a personal touch,” the gourmand told reporters, applying the entirety of his food preparation expertise to preheating his oven to precisely 400 degrees and then gingerly placing a four-cheese pizza directly on the center rack. “When the crust is kind of golden brown and the cheese is melted in the middle, it's pretty much done. Sometimes I even like to keep it in there for a few extra minutes, though, so it’s crispier.” At press time, the veritable four-star chef was reportedly carving the entrée into picturesque triangles, wowing all of his guests with a garnish of grated parmesan.

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