SANTA FE, NM—Sadly conceding that there ultimately wasn’t enough room for both on his smartphone, local man Brad Jacobsen made the difficult decision Thursday to delete video of his friend attempting to jump over a USPS mailbox in order to clear enough data space to record his child’s birth. “It’s totally hilarious, and I know I’m going to really miss watching it, but I don’t think I can keep it and still have enough storage to capture the moment my baby enters the world,” said Jacobsen of the approximately minute-long clip of his friend Glenn running up to the blue metal box after a night of drinking, propelling himself into the air, and failing to clear the top of the 4-foot-tall structure before tumbling heavily to the pavement. “I mean, maybe I’ll have the chance to email this to myself before my wife’s fully dilated. That way, I won’t even have to choose.” At press time, Jacobsen was giving the video one last farewell viewing as the head of his baby had begun to crown.


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