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Man Reminisces About Innocent Comforts Of Previous Video Game Level

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NEWARK, DE—Admitting that he couldn't help but smile when looking back on those simpler times, 28-year-old Smite player Devin Lyons told reporters Wednesday that he often finds himself reminiscing about the carefree pleasures and innocent comforts of the video game’s previous level. “When I think back to when I was a level 5, it’s hard to believe that my greatest challenge was just making it past an enemy’s Anubis to take down their team tower,” Lyons told reporters, fondly recalling the free and easy days when fighting off an opposing team’s minions was the only immediate attack he had to worry about. “Now, of course, I’ve accumulated enough ability upgrades and sufficient gold to buy powerful items, but every so often I remember that initial rush I felt the first time I beat a ranked player, back when simply killing a phoenix seemed like such a pipe dream. Things are so different now; I guess I should have cherished those days a little more when I had the chance.” Lyons added that, despite all his warm memories of prior levels, he still can’t believe it took him so long to figure out how to kill the Fire Giant and vowed not to let his children make the same mistakes he did


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