Man Starting To Think Addams Family Not Like Other Families

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MIAMI—Watching carefully as the early scenes introduced each member of the household, local moviegoer Scott Piebenga reported Thursday that he was beginning to suspect the group of oddly dressed characters at the center of the new animated film The Addams Family was not like most families. “With a name like Addams, I just assumed this was going to be a traditional all-American family, but now I find myself wondering if they aren’t all just a little bit off in some way,” said Piebenga, noting that each person living in the sprawling Gothic home seemed to have tastes, appearances, and personality quirks that were unusual compared with what you might ordinarily see. “I can’t quite put my finger on it. The mother seemed kind of normal at first, if maybe a little too beautiful, but that cousin of theirs is way, way out there. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but it’s almost as if there’s something a bit macabre about this whole extended family.” At press time, Piebenga had reportedly left halfway through the film after concluding the characters on screen were altogether far too “ooky” for him to continue.