Man Tinkering With Anecdote Set List Before Next Date

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PORTLAND, OR—Saying that he wants to provide a unique, enjoyable listening experience that draws from all periods of his life, area man Ian Watts told reporters Wednesday that he has been tinkering with his set list of anecdotes ahead of an upcoming date this weekend. “I’m thinking of opening with a quick, high-energy story about my dog to really set the tone for the night, and then I’ll transition right into some of my earlier college stuff,” said Watts, noting the importance of interspersing light, upbeat reminiscences with more emotional, deeper cuts from his personal life in order to build a varied lineup that would connect with his audience. “I’ll probably try to mix things up this time by bringing out some of the classics early on, like recounting my job delivering pizzas in high school or my first apartment, before I launch into some newer stuff. I’ve been working on this one about my recent experience on jury duty that I’d love to try out. Of course, I’ll close the night with the time I took the same plane as Regis Philbin, like usual.” Watts added that in the event he’s invited back to his date’s apartment, he’ll be sure to save a few chestnuts from his semester in Italy as an encore.