Man Tries Using Pink 6-Pound Bowling Ball To Great Amusement

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WEST ORANGE, NJ—Seemingly knowing full well that the relatively small and light ball was not designed for someone of his size, sources confirmed Tuesday that 25-year-old Darren Foerstner tried using a pink 6-pound bowling ball for one frame, all to the incredible amusement of friends and onlookers at Eagle Rock Lanes bowling alley. “When Darren walked up to the lane holding that little pink ball, we were all thinking, ‘Wait a minute, that ball is meant for children,’ but then we realized what he was doing, and everyone just started cracking up,” said friend Kelly Lingard, adding that, as part of his lighthearted and exceptionally entertaining display, Foerstner demonstrated that his thumb and fingers were unable to fit into the smaller holes of the pink ball, forcing him to palm it with his entire hand. “He told us he borrowed the ball from a 5-year-old girl, which was hilarious in and of itself, but then when he actually bowled with it, he wound up accidentally throwing it a few feet into the air, so it crashed really hard onto the lane before bouncing a few times and rolling into the gutter. It was very, very funny.” The spectacle reportedly then reached a hysterical climax after Foerstner attempted to throw the pink ball through his legs and inadvertently tossed it onto the wrong lane, prompting fits of joyous laughter from everyone present as he quickly apologized to the adjacent group of bowlers.