Man Watches 5 Innings Of Game On Concession Stand’s TV Monitor

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BOSTON—While attending Thursday night’s matchup between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park, local man Peter Lancaster, 52, reportedly ended up watching a total of five innings of the game on television monitors set up at the stadium’s concession stand. After leaving his seat to purchase a beer and a hot dog halfway through the first inning, sources confirmed that Lancaster spent the next several innings staring upward to watch the game on an assortment of mounted 19-inch monitors while slowly progressing through the winding concession lines. According to reports, Lancaster viewed the game without audio throughout this period, with the roar of the stadium crowd cueing him into an imminent big play due to the monitors’ two-second broadcast delay. Sources also confirmed that during a later trip to the same concession stand in the 7th inning, having bought an additional beer and a helmet sundae, Lancaster stood in the stadium corridor watching multiple at-bats on the television before finally rejoining his friends at their seats for the remainder of the game.