PEORIA, IL—Explaining that he has a number of other priorities at the moment, local 26-year-old Nathan Hanson, a man who will owe over $60,000 in medical bills in the latter half of this year, told reporters Monday that he just can’t afford to purchase health insurance right now. “I’m hardly ever sick, plus there’s a walk-in clinic a few miles from my apartment if I ever get the flu or anything, so it's not like I need to get covered now,” said the man who, after an unforeseeable accident sends him to the emergency room and results in extensive musculoskeletal rehabilitation therapy, will owe more than twice his annual income in hospital bills that he will struggle to pay off far into the future. “Honestly, my rent is already high enough, and I never really used my health insurance when I did have it. I just don’t think I can take on another regular expense.” The man who will also go on to incur lifetime costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat coronary heart disease and type II diabetes added that he just couldn't find any time in his schedule to get any exercise either.

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