Man With Serious Mental Illness Committed To City Bus

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ALBANY, NY—Citing a range of severe symptoms including hallucinations, disorientation, and disorganized speech, the Albany County Department of Mental Health said Wednesday that local man Shawn Zellicoff will be involuntarily committed to the 125 Clinton/Sand Creek city bus until further notice. “For his own safety, Mr. Zellicoff will be restricted to the Central Avenue-bound line until such time as he is found competent,” said county health official Tamika Wright, adding that the mentally ill 58-year-old will be allowed to bring up to 18 bags and parcels with him but will not be permitted to leave the commuter vehicle. “Committing someone to a bus is always a last resort—Mr. Zellicoff would not be spending an indefinite period of time confined to side-by-side plastic seats were his psychological disorders not incredibly serious.” Wright went on to say she hoped Zellicoff would eventually be well enough to leave the bus for short periods and occasionally spend some time on the streets.