Man Worried He Stuck In Endless Cycle Of Drinking, Partying, And Having Good Time

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PORTLAND, OR—Speculating that he probably should not want to maintain his current lifestyle forever, local man Greg Schatz, 34, expressed concerns Tuesday about possibly being stuck in an endless cycle of excessive drinking, hard partying, and generally having a good time. “Slowly, without my even realizing it, my life has entered a big feedback loop. Day after day, week after week, I go out, I drink until I haven’t a care in the world, I have incredible experiences with great friends I love very much, and then later, I come to feeling absolutely fantastic and I want nothing more than to do it all over again,” said Schatz, who claimed he was worried that someday he will look back on a life consisting of nothing but incredible experiences, enduring personal connections, and amazing memories. “I always tell myself this is the last Thursday I’ll go out for cocktails and end up having a blast, but then I find myself right back doing the same incredibly enjoyable things with people I love the very next weekend. I might stop for a week or two, but eventually, I fall back into the cycle of joy and celebration, and I’m worried that’s all there is to my life. I mean, I know a guy who’s in his mid-40s who still goes out and lives it up with his friends all the time, and he’s perfectly well-adjusted and content in every way. I don’t want to end up like that.” Schatz openly admitted that many of his fears come from watching his father’s ongoing struggle with happiness.