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MINNEAPOLIS—Despite making an effort to acknowledge that both institutions bring something special to the table, combination Taco Bell/KFC manager Frank Moroni, 38, told reporters yesterday that he considers his franchise to be mostly a Taco Bell. “Listen, I would never discuss this with the customers because I have my professional impartiality to maintain, but, honestly, it’s Taco Bell that does the heavy lifting,” said Moroni, adding that while an occasional patron may order a side of chicken tenders to complement their Crunchwrap Supreme, the vast majority of diners completely ignore the KFC portion of his restaurant. “Sometimes, we’ll get a big line of people in front of one of our two registers and have to remind them that both lanes offer Taco Bell. In fact, I can’t remember the last time someone came up here and ordered nothing but a standard 16-piece chicken meal. That’s why when I hire somebody, I’m not looking for a KFC guy. The spirit of this place is definitely Taco Bell.” Moroni, who said that the matter was “insignificant and irrelevant,” refused to discuss the fact that his establishment has been offering Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas for years.

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