Manifesto Calls On Fellow White Americans To Rise Up And Maintain Status Quo

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CLIVE, IA—Urging those who shared his racial background to do what they must to hold power and subjugate people of other races, a manifesto published online Friday by white supremacist Melvin Thornbill called on his fellow Americans to rise up and maintain the status quo. “My fellow white Americans, we can reign over all the other inferior people of this country, but only if we’re willing to go about our normal routines exactly as we always have,” read the 12,000-word manifesto in part, urging white people to continue getting up and going to work in the morning, socializing with mostly other white people, and patronizing large corporate entities as part of grand plot to uphold the United States’ status as a white-dominated country. “Now more than ever, we must do pretty much what we’ve always done, and massive discrepancies in wealth, income, and treatment under the law will be ours. If we unite, power can be ours, exactly as it always has been, but only if we’re ready to stand up and walk around and drive our cars to wherever we were planning on going, and to not do anything differently! We must take to the streets and live our normal lives!” At press time, the manifesto had been sent to several law enforcement agencies, which assured all concerned citizens that they would take exactly as much action on reports of white supremacist activity as they did on all the others.