Mario Batali Reduced To Selling Bowl Of Ravioli On Craigslist

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NEW YORK—Living in virtual exile from the world of fine dining after multiple allegations of sexual abuse came to light, embattled chef Mario Batali has been reduced to preparing and selling a large bowl of beet and ricotta ravioli on Craigslist, sources confirmed Thursday. “He’s selling a single serving homemade ravioli in his famous all’Amatriciana sauce for, like, eight bucks—there’s no way he’s breaking even on this,” said English teacher Morgan Welles, one of many Brooklyn residents who has noticed Batali’s recent, repeated posts in the food discussion forum of Brooklyn’s Craigslist. “I emailed him just asking for the recipe and he immediately responded, saying that if I Venmo’d him while the ravioli was still hot he could throw in the bowl and utensils pictured for free. He said he’d even drop it by my apartment. It was kind of a downer, really. I had to turn off my phone. He keeps texting me to ask if I can pay him in all singles.” Batali later added to his Craiglist post, offering to sell the wood table on which the bowl of ravioli was displayed for an extra 20 bucks. 

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