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MENLO PARK, CA—Emphasizing that he intended to learn from his mistakes and listen more to others, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that he would hold a virtual roundtable with American hate groups around the country to better understand how they work. “It’s important to stay educated about the issues during this difficult time, which is why I’ve invited several prominent leaders from the Aryan Brotherhood, the KKK, and the American Nazi Party to join me and educate me about the challenges they face every day, and what we at Facebook can do to help,” said Zuckerberg before apologizing for failing to invite any Grand Wizards, White Knights, or Skinheads to a discussion like in the past. “Hopefully, by having an open and honest dialogue with you, I—as a white man—can finally begin to understand the struggles they have faced in this hateful society for generations and elevate aryan voices. While I still certainly have a lot to learn, hopefully by opening up my heart to these hate-fuelled, unhinged rants, I can finally help these communities heal.” At press time, Zuckerberg posted a list of helpful resources he’d used to educate himself, designating Identity Evropa and Stormfront as “required listening.”


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