Illustration for article titled Mattel Making Over Barbie With Racial Diversity, Tech Features

After years of losing young consumers to competing doll brands like Bratz and Monster High, Mattel has decided to completely make over Barbie by releasing a new line of dolls that are racially diverse, have the ability to talk, can bend their ankles, and more. Here are some features of the new Barbies:

  • Comes with blank census form so Barbie can self-identify gender and sexual orientation
  • Dolls will have the option to be either racially diverse or talk but not both
  • All speech-enabled dolls programmed with special voice recognition chip that only allows them to speak when spoken to
  • Biodegradable plastic allows Barbie’s perfect body to naturally succumb to the ravages of age
  • Realistic dry elbows
  • Extendable limbs to show that women’s appendages come in all shapes and sizes
  • Still no Jewish doll until somebody makes a fuss
  • Blonde, Caucasian models continue to be available for company to make some money

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