After months of declining sales amidst competition from rivals Chipotle and Panera Bread, which are increasingly attracting millennials with healthier and more customizable food options, McDonald’s has announced a massive “brand transformation” to win back young consumers. Here are some of the changes underway:

  • Darker, edgier Hamburglar wearing Guy Fawkes mask
  • Each customer to receive “Meal In Review” video highlighting important events that took place during their visit
  • Switching signature red from Pantone 485 C to much more contemporary 185 C
  • Ball pits now filled with trendy mason jars
  • Strategically place new restaurant on the last exit of Westbound I-30 heading out of Little Rock so that it’s either McDonald’s or nothing until we get to Texarkana
  • Restaurant will create collaborative eating environment by replacing booths with low, open-plan seating
  • New slate of advertisements asking, “Where’s Chipotle’s free temporary housing for families of hospitalized children?”
  • Getting a bunch of guys in a room and just bouncing around ideas about dipping sauces
  • Customers encouraged to visit Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite stories from past McDonald’s brand transformations