McDonald’s Announces Brand Transformation

Illustration for article titled McDonald’s Announces Brand Transformation

After months of declining sales amidst competition from rivals Chipotle and Panera Bread, which are increasingly attracting millennials with healthier and more customizable food options, McDonald’s has announced a massive “brand transformation” to win back young consumers. Here are some of the changes underway:

  • Darker, edgier Hamburglar wearing Guy Fawkes mask
  • Each customer to receive “Meal In Review” video highlighting important events that took place during their visit
  • Switching signature red from Pantone 485 C to much more contemporary 185 C
  • Ball pits now filled with trendy mason jars
  • Strategically place new restaurant on the last exit of Westbound I-30 heading out of Little Rock so that it’s either McDonald’s or nothing until we get to Texarkana
  • Restaurant will create collaborative eating environment by replacing booths with low, open-plan seating
  • New slate of advertisements asking, “Where’s Chipotle’s free temporary housing for families of hospitalized children?”
  • Getting a bunch of guys in a room and just bouncing around ideas about dipping sauces
  • Customers encouraged to visit Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite stories from past McDonald’s brand transformations