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More than 30 years after its last redesign, McDonald’s is again undergoing a major facelift. What will the new design features be?

Illustration for article titled McDonalds Makeover

A lounging section with couches and armchairs, created solely to give McDonald’s employees the extra-humiliating task of extracting pickle slices wedged under the cushions

Nude marble Ronald McDonald sculptures

PlayPlace jungle gyms and ball pits will be replaced with more urbane kid-sized yoga mats and mini squash courts


Condiment stations broadened to accommodate diaper-changing

Hamburglar now played with simmering intensity by veteran actor Robert Duvall

Talking toilets will tell customers how many calories they just expelled

Extra Dr Pepper dispenser in each soda fountain

Tables feature the “Again Button,” which customers can hit if they want employees to bring them the same meal again


Slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” to be changed to “I’m Loving It”

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