McDonald's Unveils Healthier Image

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Last week, McDonald's announced plans to offer healthier menu items and encourage its customers to get more exercise. What do you think?

"Their new 'infrasized meals,' where you can get one-third the food for an extra 99 cents, are definitely a step in the right direction."

Donna Alexander • Lab Assistant

"Every location should have an amusement-park-style plywood Grimace that says, 'You cannot enter this McDonald's if you're more than this wide.'"

Jesse Perry • Audiologist


"Those McDonald's anti-obesity campaign materials are soon to be the prized possessions of every hipster from here to Tacoma."

Martin Bryant • Systems Analyst

"I think it's brave. McDonald's is a very brave corporation."

Bobby Melvin • Nurse


"I guess those playlands don't provide as solid a total-body workout as previously thought."

Tonia Coleman • Promotions Manager

"Man, you can already smell the greasy stench of guilt every time you walk into a McDonald's. Do they have to lay more on?"

Adam H. Ross • Sales Clerk