Media Lambasts Biden Administration For Failure To Solve Coronavirus

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WASHINGTON—Excoriating the presumptive nominee for his lack of action, the national news media turned its ire on the Biden administration Tuesday for its failure to solve the Covid epidemic. “Hopes were high when President-elect Biden won the election but unfortunately at this point he has failed to deliver on his promises to listen to scientists and see the nation through this challenging period,” said CNN anchor John Berman, confirming that thus far, the Democratic nominee had not lobbied Congress or issued any executive actions to address rising hospitalizations or the economic devastation incurred by the virus. “Despite signaling that he would make it a chief priority, Biden and his as-yet-unnamed cabinet officials have acted like deer in the headlights, refusing to put forward any legislation whatsoever despite having at least the House and, pending results, even the Senate in their corner. It’s this type of stalling that just adds more fuel to the fire for Republicans who claim that Democrats get nothing done.” Berman went on to further condemn Biden for his failure to propose meaningful policy solutions to the wave of right-wing violence expected to escalate over the next few months.