Meghan Markle Nervously Looking Over Clinic Pamphlets Weighing Her Options

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LONDON—Visibly upset as she huddled into her chair and glanced around the Family Planning Association waiting room, a nervous Meghan Markle looked over several informational pamphlets Monday while weighing her options regarding her pregnancy. “I suppose I thought Harry and I would have some more time together as just the two of us before we started a family—after all, we only got married a few months ago, we haven’t even gotten our finances in order, and Harry’s not even sure what he wants to do with his life,” said Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, poring over a brochure titled “Are You Ready To Be A Mother?” as one restless hand rubbed her belly. “I love kids, and spending time with my nieces and nephews is magic, but am I ready to be tied down by my own kids yet? How am I supposed to take care of a baby if I can’t remember to take my birth control? I think Harry would be a great dad, but what if he’s not cut out for parenting? Sorry. Forget it. Anyway, I guess it’s still early enough in the pregnancy that we have some time to think about it.” Markle later said she felt somewhat better about her options after reading the FPA pamphlets concerning adoption.


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