HOUSTON—Touting the garment as a stylish alternative for the gentleman on the go, Men’s Wearhouse announced Thursday it would be adding a new line of clip-on trousers for guys who never learned to put on pants. “These attractive, high-quality trousers clip easily to your shirt for a convenient, no-fuss pants-wearing experience,” said Tailored Brands CEO Douglas Ewart, telling reporters that the slacks would be available in slim, long-rise, and classic fits and include a variety of colors and patterns for any possible occasion. “In the ’50s, societal norms required men to wear pants to work, to church, even to the grocery store, but since that’s no longer the case, it makes sense that many men never bothered learning how to put them on. We want to let our customers know that on those special occasions when they need to get dressed up below the waist, there’s no shame in using clip-on trousers. They look great and feel great. In fact, I’m wearing them right now.” Ewart added that if the pants proved a success, the company planned on adding a line of slip-on tuxedos with snap buttons.


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