WASHINGTON—Stating their intent to spend most of the holiday lost in grief-stricken reverie, men across the nation whose beautiful wives died on Christmas 10 years ago announced plans Wednesday to drink whiskey alone in a dark apartment. “My fellow widowers and I intend to sip tumblers full of scotch while watching the snowfall from our gloomy bedrooms and wondering what might have been,” said Frank Tillman on behalf of solitary middle-aged men everywhere who expect to spend this Christmas silently staring at a bedside portrait of their long-departed soulmate. “Midway through the evening, we’ll shake our heads and sadly whisper her name or simply the word ‘why?’ to ourselves, possibly several times with increasing anguish. We’ve also set aside approximately two hours to flip through our old wedding albums and sob as we ponder how we would do anything to spend just a few more hours with the only person who made this empty life worth living.” Tillman went on to say that many of the men would divide their Christmas schedule between grieving for their beautiful wife and mourning the adorable children they lost that same terrible day.


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