WASHINGTON—In an effort to curb the more than 450,000 Americans annually who have ideations of taking their male sibling’s life, experts from the American Psychological Association strongly recommended Wednesday calling the Fratricide Prevention Hotline to anyone who might be contemplating killing their brother. “If you’re thinking of cutting your brother’s life short because you simply can’t bear him anymore, please reach out to the trained professionals at 1-800-NOT-CAIN, and they will be available 24/7 to remind you how many people love him and how he, in turn, loves you,” said APA president-elect Rosie Phillips Bingham, emphasizing that the service’s on-call professionals will not judge callers and are trained to guide potential fratricides through all manner of crises. “Your brother has so much to live for. No matter how much you hate him right now, he deserves to live. And once you’ve been talked down, you can be set up with someone who will help address the trauma—envy, jealousy, or simple rivalry— that led you to this point.” Bingham cautioned individuals who know a fratricidal person to be aware of important warning signs, such as someone giving away all their brother’s things or suddenly ending a relationship with a brother’s spouse or significant other.


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