Michael Cohen Promises More Damaging Recordings Of Trump Already Public

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NEW YORK—Saying the leaked audio of Donald Trump approving a payment to ensure the silence of a former Playboy model had “barely scratched the surface,” embattled attorney Michael Cohen promised Wednesday that even more damaging recordings were widely available to the public already. “You may think this is bad—the president agreeing to reimburse the $150,000 paid out to a woman he allegedly had a yearlong affair with—but trust me, there is a lot more where that came from, and it’s been airing nonstop on every major news network for three years now,” said Cohen, who later teased some of the thousands of potentially compromising statements that are readily accessible on the president’s personal Twitter account and have been since 2009. “What came out yesterday is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s actually a taped conversation with Lester Holt in which Trump openly admits to obstructing justice, and many, many other tapes in which he offers effusive praise for murderous dictators like Kim Jong-un and Rodrigo Duterte.” At press time, sources confirmed Cohen had taken to social media to alert Americans to the October 2016 release of a recording containing an extremely damning conversation where Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women while speaking with former Access Hollywood correspondent Billy Bush.