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CHICAGO—Celebrating what many regard as the gutsiest and most memorable performance in advertising history, fans of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan reportedly commemorated Tuesday’s 10-year anniversary of his legendary 2004 “flu Hanes commercial.” “He was battling a 103-degree fever that whole day, and you could tell he was in a lot of pain when he was trying to get through the line about the better fit and better feel of Hanes briefs,” said Kyle Flanagan, 43, adding that Jordan somehow managed to grind out over 20 takes for the 30-second spot despite experiencing severe nausea, dehydration, and chills. “He gave a great smile for the camera and winked before they cut to the Hanes logo, all while sweat just poured out of him. He was so weak that two people had to help him walk off the set when they were done, but it’s that kind of determination that makes him the best pitchman of all time. I’ll never forget watching it on TV—it was incredible.” Sources also confirmed that countless fans still suspect Jordan’s sickness may have actually been caused by food poisoning at the hands of rival undergarments brand Fruit of the Loom.


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