Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series X Next-Gen Graphics Will Finally Allow Games That Are All Realistic Hair And Water

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Ever since last year’s announcement of the Xbox Series X, gamers have been salivating at the thought of seeing exactly what kind of graphics a next-gen powerhouse can pump out. Well, today Microsoft’s executive VP of Gaming Phil Spencer dropped one huge new detail about their upcoming console that’s going to blow fanboys away: The new console has the technical ability to finally render games that are made up entirely of realistic hair and water.

You heard us right. One of gaming’s biggest dreams is finally coming true.

“The amazing graphical fidelity of the Series X will deliver what gamers and designers have both wanted for decades: perfect, crisp, photorealistic water and individually rendered hairs covering every surface of every game,” said Spencer during an online announcement, while real in-game footage depicted a completely hair-covered Master Chief navigating a stunning open-world of hair while battling Covenant forces made of pure water. “We are talking red hair and blonde, luscious curls and short stubby beard hair, bobs and bouffants.”


“If you can dream it, the Series X can render it absolutely covered in hair or drenched with water,” he added.

While huge leaps in graphics technology in past consoles have allowed for beautiful trees and stunning architecture, worlds composed out of realistic hair have remained frustratingly out of reach for decades. Who will ever forget the disappointing 1999 PlayStation 2 Tekken Tag demo showing a water-based King face off against a Yoshimitsu composed entirely of static, helmet-like hair. But the new Xbox’s 12 teraflops of power can push the rendering of hair and water well beyond anything we have ever dreamed about. We saw literally millions of hair-based characters interacting on screen at once, drowning in a city made out of water.


“This is what gaming has been building to—the power to create perfectly immersive worlds with billions of follicles of hair on screen at once. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a hair-covered car in one of our games or one in real life,” added Spencer. “Plus, players will be able to spend hundreds of hours riding water horses through fields of hair while looking up at stunning hair clouds in an all-hair sky lit by a hair-based sun.”

“Gaming will never be the same again,” he added.

Well, we don’t know about you, readers, but we can’t wait to see more of what the Xbox Series X is capable of! Whether it’s the promising-looking launch title Hair And Water: Hair’s Destiny or the Sea Of Thieves sequel Sea Of Hair And Water, it sounds like gamers of all stripes can look forward to a whole new generation of shaggy, hirsute action!