Midterms Predicted To Have Largest Voter In Decades

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CLIFTON, NJ—Citing the nationwide surge in growth of the average American registered to cast a ballot over the past several years, political researchers working for SurveyUSA predicted this week that the 2018 midterm elections will likely feature the largest voter in decades. “If growth trends continue, we can expect a truly massive voter to turn out, something that is especially remarkable given that this is a non-presidential year,” said data scientist Ryan Martinez, who noted that the intensity of the issues under consideration could result in the attendance of a voter double the size of the norm. “You can really feel a sense of urgency rising among this substantial unit of traditionally overserved constituent, possibly because of the implications to healthcare, and we feel a movement is building that will see him leave the house to vote for the first time since 2008.” At press time, Martinez confirmed that a petition had been filed for an extended voting booth to accommodate the massive constituent.