MillerCoors Quietly Kills Zima

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MillerCoors LLC has discontinued its clear malt beverage Zima, saying that the last of the existing inventory would be in stores until December. What do you think?

"But, I won a lifetime supply of Zima on Singled Out! What about me?"

Alex Rutherford • Restaurateur

"This is a day I've been dreading—the death of the clear-product trend. Yes, we believed in transparent things back in the '90s. Deodorant, liquid soap, why even Pepsi for a spell. It was fresh, new. I don't expect you youngsters to understand."

Betsy Toomey • Cashier


"What better way to bid Zima farewell than with a tall, refreshing glass of…. Yech! What the hell do they put in this stuff?!"

William Sprerino • Dental Hygenist