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WASHINGTON—In a massive, simultaneous nationwide demonstration of support for white ethnic supremacy, millions of white nationalists gathered in streets and offices around the United States Monday to go about their normal routines. Proponents of the nativist movement that promotes the racial superiority and purity of whites were observed gathering en masse on public transportation, patronizing coffee shops, during elevator rides, dropping off their children at schools, and otherwise assembling peacefully in nearly every American community to take part in normal, but quietly racist, daily activities. Reports confirmed that the white supremacists could be seen marching shoulder to shoulder along the nation’s streets to conduct personal banking, drop off or pick up their dry cleaning, buy groceries, and even attend box-office smash hit Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in the company of their white supremacist romantic interests. In a closely related story, beltway sources reported that throngs of the radical ethnic extremists had rushed up on the steps of the Capitol building, bypassing assembled security guards, in order to go to work.

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