Mom Doing Full-Time, Unpaid PR For Some Disney+ Show About Whales

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WAYNESVILLE, OH—Launching what appeared to be a fully coordinated social media campaign to alert family and friends to the program, sources told reporters Wednesday that local mother Teresa Sheradon was apparently doing full-time, unpaid PR now for some Disney+ show about whales. Sheradon, whom sources confirmed had essentially been doing the work of a seasoned New York City media professional with a six-figure salary and a Rolodex of industry contacts, reportedly spent the last several days drumming up press about the six-part nature-based docuseries; penning effusive posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok; and urging everyone in her immediate circle to tune in each week for the premiere. The show, which followed an intrepid family of orca whales as they crossed the ocean together, reportedly caught Sheradon’s eye so much that by the time the finale aired, the retired mother of three had mounted a full-on media blitz, even going so far as to post a 2,000-word tribute to show, commenting repeatedly on the show’s official pages with the heart emoji, and changing her avatar to the show’s logo of two smiling, hugging whales. At press time, Sheradon’s accounts on several social media platforms had reportedly been flagged and removed for misconduct after the show was suddenly cancelled and she attempted to incite a coordinated cyberbullying campaign against the Disney corporation to have it renewed for Season 2.