Mom Getting Pretty Into New Tyler, The Creator Album

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LENEXA, KS—Saying she considered it his best work yet, local mom Arianne Caluso told her son Jack on Thursday that she has been getting pretty into the new Tyler, The Creator album. “Oh, Jack, honey, I’ve been listening to Flower Boy almost nonstop for the past few days—it’s just fabulous!” said Caluso, 54, of the 26-year-old rapper’s fourth studio album, praising the production quality of the beats, especially on her favorite track “Who Dat Boy,” and explaining that she thought it was “real neat” how he evolved from his shock rap, horrorcore-inspired roots to produce something deeper and more sentimental. “I remember being into Bastard when it came out and then falling off after the next few albums, but it’s clear on this new one that he’s grown past Odd Future and started to develop his voice as a solo artist. Oh, and A$AP Rocky and Weezy are also featured on it, which is absolutely lovely!” Caluso reportedly also encouraged her son to make sure to check out the new Lil Uzi Vert single while he’s at it.