SAN JOSE, CA—Saying she is dead serious and willing to wait all day if necessary, local mother Teri Fisher told her three adult children Monday that she is, in fact, not joking when she says she wants a picture of them in the bathtub together like when they were kids, sources confirmed. “Yes, I am being serious. I want you all to get in there and pose just like that picture we have on the mantel. Now, hop in the tub and smile for old time’s sake so I can get a good shot,” said Fisher, who was overheard stating that she is not holding her Canon PowerShot camera for no reason and that, no, she’s not kidding when she says they need to make more bubbles. “You all used to love taking baths together; I don’t see why you’re giving me such a hard time. Now, on the count of three, I want you to smile.” At press time, Fisher had reportedly told her kids to dry off and meet her downstairs in their old Power Rangers costumes to recreate her favorite Halloween picture.

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