Illustration for article titled Mom Sent On Fact-Finding Mission To Read What Parking Sign Down Street Says

INDIANAPOLIS—Upon discovering what appeared to be an ideal parking spot Friday, members of the Jowhari family reportedly dispatched their mother, Anita, on a fact-finding mission to investigate the details of a nearby street sign. “I can’t see from here—find out when they tow and if there’s a thing with street sweeping on certain days,” said Jowhari’s daughter Katie, 15, who remained in the idling vehicle with her father and brother while her mother jogged down the sidewalk to gather the details required to determine if it was, in fact, safe to leave their vehicle. “And what’s that little red sign below the green one? Something about deliveries? Oh, maybe you can park there but only on weekends. Do they do that?” At press time, family members were attempting to make sense of the 46-year-old’s exaggerated waving from down the block.


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