More People Committing Insurance Fraud

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, suspicious vehicle fires are up 27 percent, staged car accidents are up 34 percent, and suspicious slip-and-fall claims are up 60 percent. What do you think?

"It's exactly this sort of behavior that makes it harder for honest people like me to collect claims when our car is stolen and abandoned in a pasture near my brother's house before inexplicably bursting into flames just days after we upgrade our coverage.”

Joanne Lawton • Architectural Drafter


"Frauds fail because they get greedy. Start small. Catch your hand in bike spokes. Burn the soles of your feet on exhaust pipes. Then work yourself up to shed fires."

Charles Farnsworth • Systems Analyst

"It's a shame that some people will do anything for money. Can you help me put this silver paint on my thighs? I have to pretend to be a robot in the park now.”

Ryan Chase • Living Statue

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