More Police Brutality In L.A.

The Inglewood police officer seen on a videotape violently arresting a handcuffed black teenager has pleaded innocent to an assault charge.What do you think?

"How were those officers supposed to know that kid wasn't going to sprout an extra pair of arms from his back and pull a gun out of his neck as he lay pinned to the car's hood?"

Rob Phelps • Electrician


"They were just following the motto of the Inglewood Police Department: 'To protect and whomp the shit out of.'"

Christopher James • Architect

"I'm just glad I live on the East Coast, where police are heroic."

Pete Bruge • Cashier

"Why must we always focus on the bad cops instead of the 65 percent of police officers who would never do anything like this?"

Daniel Ziff • Systems Analyst

"I'm sure those officers wouldn't have done that unless it was absolutely necessary in order to hurt the guy."

Diane Essen • Student


"That tape was shameful. One cop brutalizes a suspect while five others just stand around? What do I pay my taxes for?"

Emily Schofield • Dietitian

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