Most Likely Candidates For Clinton’s Cabinet

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If elected president, Hillary Clinton will have the opportunity to nominate up to 15 cabinet members, each advising her on executive departments. Here are the most rumored choices for Clinton’s inner circle.


Henry Kissinger

Despite his advanced age, insiders are confident he’s got one or two good coups left in him

Jamie Dimon

CEO of JPMorgan Chase could provide key insights on eliminating Wall Street’s political influence

Michelle Obama

A natural fit for Clinton’s cabinet, since the two best friends already tell each other everything


Sheryl Sandberg

Would make a capable secretary of homeland security with all the information she’s already gleaned about U.S. citizens from her time as Facebook COO


Yuji Yamamoto

The standout Japanese agriculture minister looks ready to make the jump to the American cabinet


Tom Vilsack

Staying put as secretary of agriculture, as he has spent the last eight years cultivating a great relationship with the nation’s crops


Elizabeth Warren

Will save her the humiliation of running against Curt Schilling in 2020